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Princess. Princess. There is nothing more to her than Princess. Everything she ever was is replaced by Princess. One kiss and her fate was sealed. The horse, the ship, the carriage, they all fade into the sunset carrying with them her future and any hope of a life lived beyond two dimensions. Princess. 


Somewhere on the road to where we are, it was agreed upon that a fancy dress and rosy cheeks was enough for a woman to be. Somewhere on the road, we set Princess as the standard. Princess as the vision of soul-sucking beauty to confine women to their skin and ornamentation. Princess as the expectation that no matter who, what, where, or why women should always present as Princess. Princess as perfect. Princess as desirable. Princess as thief. 


Out of Castle intends to examine the realities of womanhood as they are shaped by societal expectations, and attempt to define Princess as what it truly is: a standard. By placing well-dressed women in everyday and seemingly out-of-context environments, I hope to call attention to the unrealistic beauty standards that are placed upon women. By taking Princess out of her castle, I hope to set her free.

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